In the end of the project the partners will organize a local national event in their country to present the results of the project not only to school teachers, leaders, educators but also to other relevant stakeholders i.e. schools, parents and teachers' associations, policy makers, consumers associations, business leaders. This event will specifically focus on the presentation of the results of the State of Art report on economic and consumer literacy levels of students, the educational material and the ECOLES virtual consumer manager game, which will contribute to the uptake of economic and consumer literacy education in schools, promote its effectiveness while influencing leaders or/and decision makers to take concrete action toward improving their dedication to consumer education. Participants will be able to exchange ideas and experiences on the ECOLES' project topics and its results. The mini conference will bring together the aforementioned target groups to better promote the project and ensuring their participation in the sustainability of the project. The overall aim is to foster communication between all sides and the uptake of the use of the ECOLES virtual consumer manager game. This event will be an opportunity to increase awareness around the project and the expected outputs, therefore significantly contributing to increasing the impact of the project. The conference will help to create the appropriate conditions for sustainable results, after the funding period and will provide an opportunity for all the target groups and actors referred in this application to meet and exchange good practices in the field of economic and consumer literacy in schools, thus enabling students to undertake more informed economic and consumer decisions in their future lives and to establish future partnerships and/or promote collaboration on topics of mutual interest. The conference will include the following activities: - Presentation of the ECOLES project; - Presentation of the results of the survey (IO1); - Presentation of the educational material and Guidelines for trainers/teachers (IO2); - Presentation of the ECOLES virtual consumer manager game (IO3); Presentation of direct target groups and experiences within the project; The number of participants will be kept at least 30 members. P1 being the leading organization for dissemination activities will propose a structure for the event and the agenda will be tailored in English, while it will be translated accordingly to each partner language and adjusted to local society needs. Feedback questionnaires will be available for the participants to fill in and evaluate the events. In order for wider dissemination and participation the partners will work together in involving members of the target group, not limited to their already established network, based on a solid dissemination and exploitation plan that will be developed and accepted by the partnership. All the material presented in the mini local conference will be posted on the project website.

Finished events by countries included in the project